Tips to Create your Online Family Tree with Pictures

What is a Family Tree and how to create your family tree online?

A family tree is a chart or figure that shows the relationship between different members of a family. In other words, it shows how various members or a family are related to each other.

In the present time, there are a number of platforms available that allows you to create your family tree online. In order to build your own family tree, there are numerous options available on the internet just like Creating family trees on is so easy even beginners can create an artistic family tree in no time.

Tips to make a family tree: A family tree enables all the members of a family to see their shared history at a glance. The family tree is a wonderful memento that you can create with family members in order to introduce new generations about their ancestors and great-grandparents.

All in all, you should make a family tree that spans generations in order to make it effective. With tons of images, designs and other photographic elements, allows you to create an online family tree with pictures.

Furthermore, if we talk more about the tips to make an astonishing family tree, you should follow steps like:

  • First of all, you have to choose an online family tree making platform, create an account in order to build your own family tree design.

  • Secondly, select the template of your own choice from the library so that you can pursue with the family tree.

  • Thirdly, once you are done with the selection of templates, start uploading your family pictures, by placing the oldest generation of the top.

  • Nextly, fix your images, add filters and editing text if you want.

  • Finally, You can save and share your family tree.

Once you are done with the family tree, save the family tree as a PDF, a JPEG or a PNG file, and share it with your family. You can also share it via email or post it to your social media accounts.

Tips to Research Genealogy For Family tree

Before starting with the family tree, one should know about What is Genealogy? In simple words, we can say Genealogy is the study of family relationships and the investigation of their family bloodline & antiquity.

Genealogical tree of family

A family tree is a diagram of genealogical data, designates the correlation among the people in various generations of a family. Generally, family trees are manifested with the oldest generations at the top and the current generations at the base. Family trees are enriching sources to teach children more about who they are, where they come from, and what is their family roots. In addition Family trees to it, this genealogical representations of a family can be in numerous formats, for an illustration: dynasty series, ancestry chart etc.

How Family Tree Works

Examining your lineage can be a challenging task in order to investigate the family tree as far as you can go. Recognizing your grandparents and great-grandparents is a separate thing but discovering their great-grandparents, needs a plenty of research and fact-checking, there a family tree setup can aid you to discover or disprove it.

How to get started researching your Genealogy

Get Organized

At the beginning of your family tree research, you will find it easy as it is easier to assemble facts about near family relatives. In order to save and manage the information that you obtain, prefer online genealogical databases such as, before start conducting further investigation.

Talk to Elders

Start talking to your relatives, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents (if possible) and explore all the information stored in their brains regarding family history. Start questioning them about their great grandparent’s full name, siblings’ name, birthplaces, nationality, and where & how their lives end.

Try to be Social & Keep Going

To search and connect with those who shared ancestral surnames, always keep in mind to use social networking and media sites, for an instance, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. On the other hand, keep travelling to places where your ancestors came and belong from, in order to catch every single information related to your family history.

Go Online

Once you are done with the information that you have gathered regarding your ancestors. Use all the data that you’ve been collected with a family tree making popular genealogy websites such as

Family Tree – Definition, Ways to Create & Practical Side

What is a Family Tree?
A family tree is one of the most popular modes of visually documenting one’s lineage. Utmost family tree charts consist of a box for each individual connected with others in order to designate relationships. Along with this, each box covers dates, birthplace, and other information, as per the complexity of the family tree diagram.

Family Tree

Usually, a generation is arranged into an individual level so it’s clear to see at a glimpse which forbears headed which generation as they are physically above them on the tree.

On the other hand, a parallel line among two boxes indicates a marriage and bracket from a couple to a lower set of boxes shows the kids from that marriage. However, most of the family trees become vertically, they are seldom drawn sideways, as well.

How to make a family tree – In order to make a family tree, you should keep the following points in mind.

  • First of all, Select how many generations you want to designate.
  • After that begin drawing from yourself backward or from the oldest generation downward.
  • Make sure every individual in your family will be represented with a box connected to others with lines that designate relationships and add descendants, ancestors, spouses, and siblings.
  • Along with the names, you can also attach date of birth as well as pictures, or anything else that would intensify your tree.
  • Note: To make your diagram straightforward, each layer should represent a single generation.

The Practical Side of a Family Tree – Following are some of the main practical triggers as to why people search for their ancestors:

  • Validate Family Stories – To find out if family stories about their ancestors are true. In other words, to find out whether they are related to someone famous.
  • Trace Medical Conditions – To evaluate the danger of getting certain medical ailments that tend to run in families.
  • Proof of Paternity –Family Tree is also helpful to find out the biological father of a child. Along with this, it also helps in order to satisfy the tenets of the religion
  • Community History –To document a community history by recognizing the families that established and guided the community.

All in all, a family tree not only gives you a sense of pride and belonging by introducing you to your roots but also make your family & relations bond stronger.

Family History Research – Why It’s Important

Have you ever been inquisitorial about your forefathers? Speculate what their plight was like? Maybe they were the very first generation in your family to live in that country and had to learn an entirely new language and customs. Feasible you have a collection of old pictures, but it can be confusing who many of the people in the photos are. Additionally, there could be rumors that a family member executed a major part in World War I, here a family tree can help you with to gather the accurate information about your ancestors.

Actually, there are many high-grade reasons to acquire more information about the generations who lived before you. Whether it is your urge to do some research over family history is totally personal or not. Researches have shown that learning about your family history can drive to a positive effect on younger generations.

Family History

Why Do Family History Research?

Discover personal history: Your family history can be utterly interesting! Maybe you’ll ascertain that your great-grandmother was a doctor, or great-grandfather executed a major part in World War I. In addition, you can not only learn where your ancestors belong from, languages they spoke, but also their personal stories.

Family involvement in the society: Research on Family history may lead you towards things about your hometown that you nevermore knew before. There is a possibility that your forefathers helped in finding the town where much of your family still resides.

Sharing lessons of the life : There is no doubt that we can learn from the mistakes done by others. Many of your aging loved ones shared life experience and offer words of enlightenment about a variety of matters, which we can share with future generations.

Reconnect with other family members: As you’re jumping into your case history, you may be able to reconnect with those you’ve lost connection with over the years. you may even discover you’ve got close relatives you’ll not even understand about!

To sum up, As you do research over your family history, don’t forget to share what you’ve got with other family members. Learning and sharing the stories, customs, can help save your current family circle, keep the history alive for generations to come.

Urbanization and family roots

Family structure, parenting style, the family relationship among brothers, sisters and cousins have changed dramatically. This change is causing the gap, the distance among family and relatives,  and loneliness in the urban society.  Cases of depression and suicide are increasing in countries like India, China, Malaysia, where the urban population has grown faster.

Few decades back, villages used to have few hundreds of homes, everyone was known to each other, everyone was sharing moments of joy and sorrow with each other’s family.  Elders had records of each family’s ancestry of at least five to seven generations.

Family Urbanization

Then came the urbanization. As per UN report (May 2018) 55% population is leaving in urban area, which is estimated to grow to 68% in 2050. World urban population has grown by 5 times from 1950 to 2018, this large migration has  caused a vast gap in family root and their new generations.  Information about family roots are diluted over time. A teenager, whose parents are 2nd generation of migrant in the city, has probably no information about his ancestry, he or she would know maximum 2-3 generations of his ancestry.

There are ways to reduce the chances of depression and loneliness; we should be connected to family roots and discuss our problem with family and relatives. Share family values, moments and albums in family, connect and meet them on family events and always remember the common roots.  Collect and save family gems, memories, albums and records, feel proud of family roots and stay blessed on

Family history and diseases

Knowing and recording family medical history can be a clue to your early risk assessment of disease. Families have common genes; parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncle, nephew, niece, cousins, at least 3 generations of family medical records are very important and gives a clue of medical condition and risk of disease in the family.

The inherited gene from mother and father caused heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses, other additional reasons could be a complex interaction of your diet, and other factors in your environment throughout your life. Study suggests that children inherit four times as many new mutations from their fathers than their mothers, according to research that suggests faults in the men’s DNA are a driver for rare childhood diseases. So disease from father side has more chance to be passed on to their kids. Below are common genetic disorders which are pron to take place in family if some of the family members has suffered from same disease in past generations.

Heart disease,
High blood pressure,
certain cancers,
And diabetes

It is important for healthcare professional to understand and notice the pattern of the disorders among family members. Once the pattern is identified, it is easier to determine if an individual in the family or future generations would be at risk of developing any particular disorder.

One thing is important to understand the difference between normal disorder and mutation.  Normal genetic disorder gives a higher probability of genetic disorder in family but a mutation is one in million cases and not carried in family genetically.

If someone knows the family history of disorders, he or she can take proper precautions at early stage to avoid or minimize that risk.  For example if a person has a family history of high blood pressure, or heart diseases,  he starts avoiding fatty food, takes in more fibers and does more physical activities; these actions positively reduces the risk of high blood pressure. If a family has a history of certain type of cancer, healthcare professionals advise the family members to undergo frequent screening for cancer, it helps to detect the cancer at early stage and  possible treatment which is having good chance of success at early stage.

How to know family history of your own?

Talk to relative about their health.

Go back to root and trace medical history, disease.

Collect information of past generation, reason of death, medical history etc.

You may not know, some of your relatives might have saved their history on myfamilygems.

The Secrets Tips to create Family Tree

Usually, family trees are presented by the forebears at the top and newer generations at the bottom. In other words, family trees is a progenitor chart, which shows the forefathers of an individual as the roots of that tree, and new generations as the branches of that tree, it is wider at the top than the bottom.

Tracing your family’s roots can be a difficult task even just a few generations back. A family tree plays a significant role in letting your children know who their forefathers were and how they were living at that time. Here are some reasons to create a family tree for your kids:

It Gives an Interest in World History

For kids, history is just a boring subject containing a series of facts about things that happened a long time ago. However, when you study the circle of your own relative’s history, it helps place things in viewpoint for your kids.

You might have a great-great-great-grandfather or uncle who was a soldier fought in World War I. Surprisingly, these aren’t just stories of the people who are long dead but stories about your own flesh and blood. Family trees present the bloodline history of a family in such a way that it raises the interest of the kids in knowing about their forefathers.

It Offers Children an Interest in Their Own Background

Family tree helps kids by letting them understand who they are and where they come from. Family trees are visual representations of who we are, where we came from, and what is our family background. Educating a child about his forebears, can give him personal dignity, and help him feel like he hails.

Learning about family history can help kids develop a better sense of who they are and why they look and act the way they do. Additionally, it enhances their stability feeling and security because they see themselves as a part of something bigger than themselves.

It Help Remember People Who are Important to the Family

As children grow up, family members pass away but there a family tree can help you with. Creating a family tree is a simple project for the students of the young generation. There are plenty of websites that assist people to find their blood history and ancestors to begin a compile family tree.

All in all, a family relationship tree not only introduces you to your family roots but also make your family & relations bond stronger.

Why do we need Family Tree?

Do we really care about our roots?
Family trees are in a way visual representations of where we come from and who we are. It gives us a sense of pride and belonging by introducing us to our roots . A tapestry always feel better than a single woven thread !
Its educational value is immense since by tracing our past we also get introduced to the common past of us all. We get to know how differently our ancestors lived than us and pick important lessons of life from there. When we can find role models from among our own ancestors, it just becomes an icing on the cake. We not only are more convinced of emulating such role models but even feel inspired to know that we inherit such genes. Getting to know our deceased ancestors is just another way of connecting to our past .

What reaserch says about family bonds?

Research has proved that such sense of connection and belonging leads to enhanced emotional health and resilience. Some research has also proved that those who know their ancestors have a higher sense of self esteem and better abilities to cope with stress. Even getting to know our ancestors who were not that good benefits us by suggesting the life course we should chart and how not to imbibe qualities of such ancestors! A sense of identity through time helps us know who we are in his vast world and unfathomable universe, and we surely feel less lost ! Family trees are also eye opening in the sense that it makes us more aware of how interconnected we are. It makes that much harder for us to be racist or narrow minded since we now know how closely linked all races are.

What it teaches us?
While family trees encourage us to nurture and preserve our distinctive culture ,it also softens our rigid stands on pronounced identities since we can trace back our past through migrations and resettlement, intermingling, interfaith or intercultural or inter community marriages, and so on. So we tend to become more empathetic towards each other while still feeling proud of our roots .
The joy of the eureka moment of discovering a third cousin in some corner of the globe gives way to the somber realization that how entire human race is interconnected and one. We are all cousins after all !

Why My Family Gems?
MyFamilyGems is network software that provides a platform for users to create their ancestry, inheritance and discover distant relatives; in addition to that, users can keep ancestors & family records, pictures, memories and exchange messages. Our tree making system works on male line; parents, grandparents, wife, siblings, uncle, aunty, cousins can be added. There will be network of trees by family marriages. Our family tree grows as new relatives are added and the clan grows larger and larger. We don’t know who will reunite with us, may be it is one of our friends, or our colleagues or our neighbours has same genes. doesn’t sale records and constantly researching and developing tool to assist in connecting relatives and clan.

How to save Family Album

Everyone has old photo album at home, some keep them in wardrobe, some frame them on wall, and some store them in shoe box.  Decades old priceless

photographs which our grandparents saved like treasure will be fading gradually and in few years they will be beyond recognition. Have you ever thought about what would you do with your old photo albums? 

Family photo saving

Heat, humidity, ageing, water, fire, fungus, accidental tear, all these are known reasons of damage to physical photos. Besides above there are many other problems with photographs;

1.      It takes lot of physical space, fames, walls etc.
2.     You cannot view it whenever and where ever you want.
3.      You cannot share it with brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins, and they cannot share anything with you if they have.  

Saving, maintaining, storing and organising these priceless photograph is a tough task, nevertheless we cannot let them fade and lose our family treasured memories.

Fortunately there are ways to save them, but it needs  free time, effort and some money. Best and easiest available solution is to digitize the prints using mobile and save them in hard disc, but old pictures cannot get a good result with mobile, and what if you have 1000s of photoograph? Even if you use your mobile to take picture and store in your mobile, other family members cannot enjoy it. 

Would you like to consider other options which are really professional and saves photographs in better way? Making digital copies and saving them safely where all family members can view anytime anywhere. 

There are numerous benefits of digitizing old photographs, some of them are as below; 

1.      Save it as many places as you want.
2.      Old pictures can be corrected, lighting and colour can be adjusted.
3.      Family photos are meant for sharing, so digital copy can be saved in family tree to share with all members.
4.      They donot require physical space.   

Honestly, everyone wants to save treasured photograph however, due to lack of time and effort it remains as it is for years. Everyone should consider digitizing their old photos.  It requires bit of effort, time and money to kick-start the process, but the benefits of having old photos protected, shared, and edited completely outweigh everything.

Below are some of the available resources to save your treasures.

1.      Buy a photo scanner and scan at home – It requires a good investment, good time and gives good result.
Keep in mind that document scanners and photo scanners are different, photo scanners gives a digital photo as is it; without glare, shadow or distortion. To get best result of scanner, wipe out dust, set the scanner to 300 to 600dpi and scan in colour even when you are scanning black & white photo, so that you can edit it in better way. There are many scanners available in the market or online, Canon CanoScan LiDE220 or the Epson Perfection V39 are perfect for home use. But never buy a cheap scanner, a cheap scanner compromises with the quality of the your asset. Flatbed scanner always gives better result than small portable ones.

2.      Use photo scan app to scan photographs. -It requires small investment, lot of time and the result is poor to average.
Normal digital photo camera or mobile phone cameea can be used to make your album digital, the results are poor or average due to shadow, distortion and glare, and itbrequired lotbof time and patience.

Better way is to use photo app, many are available on line and gives average result. It is important to know how photo app does work. It captures multiple clicks of photo and compiles them into one after removing distortion, shadow, glare etc. These apps help to remove all defects and guide through the scanning process.

3.      Use Photo scanning services. – It needs no time, some investment and gives best quality results.
This is perfect way to save your treasure in perfect condition and in organised way. Just pack your old photos, write down notes at the back of it how you would like to organise them and send to professional photo scan centre.

Besides providing family ancestry record, MyfamilyGems provides scanning service for your old photographs too. You can create your family tree here and save your albums. Or you can send your old album to us, (contact us, we will provide you our address or our team will collect it from your home), it will be digitized and saved in your family profile. You can control the viewer access for each photograph, keep it private or share it with other family members or with relatives, choice is yours.

Don’t wait more, if you have not created family tree, create it now, pack your albums and contact us to start saving them in right place. To organize the photos better, put them in separate envelops as year or location, so it can be saved in proper way. Once your old photos are scanned, it will be returned to you.

Family Albums

family tree

Ancestry, records, albums and events of the family has to be saved. Our family albums are losing life in the Almirah, Bring it out, save it in your family tree so your parents, grandparents, brother, sisters, uncle, cousin can enjoy the past and present of family memories.

Mother can save kids memories from day 1.

Grandfather can save their memories now for their generations to come. They can save their stories, their message for future generations.

One day it will be a fortune for the family. Besides saving family generation service, saving & sharing family pictures, family events, searching for family relating, we are helping families to restore and save old pictures in your profile.

Let us know if this service is helpful for your family.

Register yourself in and enjoy these services to save past for your future generations

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