Why do we need Family Tree?

Do we really care about our roots?
Family trees are in a way visual representations of where we come from and who we are. It gives us a sense of pride and belonging by introducing us to our roots . A tapestry always feel better than a single woven thread !
Its educational value is immense since by tracing our past we also get introduced to the common past of us all. We get to know how differently our ancestors lived than us and pick important lessons of life from there. When we can find role models from among our own ancestors, it just becomes an icing on the cake. We not only are more convinced of emulating such role models but even feel inspired to know that we inherit such genes. Getting to know our deceased ancestors is just another way of connecting to our past .

What reaserch says about family bonds?

Research has proved that such sense of connection and belonging leads to enhanced emotional health and resilience. Some research has also proved that those who know their ancestors have a higher sense of self esteem and better abilities to cope with stress. Even getting to know our ancestors who were not that good benefits us by suggesting the life course we should chart and how not to imbibe qualities of such ancestors! A sense of identity through time helps us know who we are in his vast world and unfathomable universe, and we surely feel less lost ! Family trees are also eye opening in the sense that it makes us more aware of how interconnected we are. It makes that much harder for us to be racist or narrow minded since we now know how closely linked all races are.

What it teaches us?
While family trees encourage us to nurture and preserve our distinctive culture ,it also softens our rigid stands on pronounced identities since we can trace back our past through migrations and resettlement, intermingling, interfaith or intercultural or inter community marriages, and so on. So we tend to become more empathetic towards each other while still feeling proud of our roots .
The joy of the eureka moment of discovering a third cousin in some corner of the globe gives way to the somber realization that how entire human race is interconnected and one. We are all cousins after all !

Why My Family Gems?
MyFamilyGems is network software that provides a platform for users to create their ancestry, inheritance and discover distant relatives; in addition to that, users can keep ancestors & family records, pictures, memories and exchange messages. Our tree making system works on male line; parents, grandparents, wife, siblings, uncle, aunty, cousins can be added. There will be network of trees by family marriages. Our family tree grows as new relatives are added and the clan grows larger and larger. We don’t know who will reunite with us, may be it is one of our friends, or our colleagues or our neighbours has same genes. MyFamilyGems.com doesn’t sale records and constantly researching and developing tool to assist in connecting relatives and clan.


How to save Family Album

Everyone has old photo album at home, some keep them in wardrobe, some frame them on wall, and some store them in shoe box.  Decades old priceless

photographs which our grandparents saved like treasure will be fading gradually and in few years they will be beyond recognition. Have you ever thought about what would you do with your old photo albums? 

Family photo saving

Heat, humidity, ageing, water, fire, fungus, accidental tear, all these are known reasons of damage to physical photos. Besides above there are many other problems with photographs;

1.      It takes lot of physical space, fames, walls etc.
2.     You cannot view it whenever and where ever you want.
3.      You cannot share it with brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins, and they cannot share anything with you if they have.  

Saving, maintaining, storing and organising these priceless photograph is a tough task, nevertheless we cannot let them fade and lose our family treasured memories.

Fortunately there are ways to save them, but it needs  free time, effort and some money. Best and easiest available solution is to digitize the prints using mobile and save them in hard disc, but old pictures cannot get a good result with mobile, and what if you have 1000s of photoograph? Even if you use your mobile to take picture and store in your mobile, other family members cannot enjoy it. 

Would you like to consider other options which are really professional and saves photographs in better way? Making digital copies and saving them safely where all family members can view anytime anywhere. 

There are numerous benefits of digitizing old photographs, some of them are as below; 

1.      Save it as many places as you want.
2.      Old pictures can be corrected, lighting and colour can be adjusted.
3.      Family photos are meant for sharing, so digital copy can be saved in family tree to share with all members.
4.      They donot require physical space.   

Honestly, everyone wants to save treasured photograph however, due to lack of time and effort it remains as it is for years. Everyone should consider digitizing their old photos.  It requires bit of effort, time and money to kick-start the process, but the benefits of having old photos protected, shared, and edited completely outweigh everything.

Below are some of the available resources to save your treasures.

1.      Buy a photo scanner and scan at home – It requires a good investment, good time and gives good result.
Keep in mind that document scanners and photo scanners are different, photo scanners gives a digital photo as is it; without glare, shadow or distortion. To get best result of scanner, wipe out dust, set the scanner to 300 to 600dpi and scan in colour even when you are scanning black & white photo, so that you can edit it in better way. There are many scanners available in the market or online, Canon CanoScan LiDE220 or the Epson Perfection V39 are perfect for home use. But never buy a cheap scanner, a cheap scanner compromises with the quality of the your asset. Flatbed scanner always gives better result than small portable ones.

2.      Use photo scan app to scan photographs. -It requires small investment, lot of time and the result is poor to average.
Normal digital photo camera or mobile phone cameea can be used to make your album digital, the results are poor or average due to shadow, distortion and glare, and itbrequired lotbof time and patience.

Better way is to use photo app, many are available on line and gives average result. It is important to know how photo app does work. It captures multiple clicks of photo and compiles them into one after removing distortion, shadow, glare etc. These apps help to remove all defects and guide through the scanning process.

3.      Use Photo scanning services. – It needs no time, some investment and gives best quality results.
This is perfect way to save your treasure in perfect condition and in organised way. Just pack your old photos, write down notes at the back of it how you would like to organise them and send to professional photo scan centre.

Besides providing family ancestry record, MyfamilyGems provides scanning service for your old photographs too. You can create your family tree here and save your albums. Or you can send your old album to us, (contact us, we will provide you our address or our team will collect it from your home), it will be digitized and saved in your family profile. You can control the viewer access for each photograph, keep it private or share it with other family members or with relatives, choice is yours.

Don’t wait more, if you have not created family tree, create it now, pack your albums and contact us to start saving them in right place. To organize the photos better, put them in separate envelops as year or location, so it can be saved in proper way. Once your old photos are scanned, it will be returned to you.

Family Albums

family tree

Ancestry, records, albums and events of the family has to be saved. Our family albums are losing life in the Almirah, Bring it out, save it in your family tree so your parents, grandparents, brother, sisters, uncle, cousin can enjoy the past and present of family memories.

Mother can save kids memories from day 1.

Grandfather can save their memories now for their generations to come. They can save their stories, their message for future generations.

One day it will be a fortune for the family. Besides saving family generation service, saving & sharing family pictures, family events, searching for family relating, we are helping families to restore and save old pictures in your profile.

Let us know if this service is helpful for your family.

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