Family Tree – Definition, Ways to Create & Practical Side

What is a Family Tree?
A family tree is one of the most popular modes of visually documenting one’s lineage. Utmost family tree charts consist of a box for each individual connected with others in order to designate relationships. Along with this, each box covers dates, birthplace, and other information, as per the complexity of the family tree diagram.

Family Tree

Usually, a generation is arranged into an individual level so it’s clear to see at a glimpse which forbears headed which generation as they are physically above them on the tree.

On the other hand, a parallel line among two boxes indicates a marriage and bracket from a couple to a lower set of boxes shows the kids from that marriage. However, most of the family trees become vertically, they are seldom drawn sideways, as well.

How to make a family tree – In order to make a family tree, you should keep the following points in mind.

  • First of all, Select how many generations you want to designate.
  • After that begin drawing from yourself backward or from the oldest generation downward.
  • Make sure every individual in your family will be represented with a box connected to others with lines that designate relationships and add descendants, ancestors, spouses, and siblings.
  • Along with the names, you can also attach date of birth as well as pictures, or anything else that would intensify your tree.
  • Note: To make your diagram straightforward, each layer should represent a single generation.

The Practical Side of a Family Tree – Following are some of the main practical triggers as to why people search for their ancestors:

  • Validate Family Stories – To find out if family stories about their ancestors are true. In other words, to find out whether they are related to someone famous.
  • Trace Medical Conditions – To evaluate the danger of getting certain medical ailments that tend to run in families.
  • Proof of Paternity –Family Tree is also helpful to find out the biological father of a child. Along with this, it also helps in order to satisfy the tenets of the religion
  • Community History –To document a community history by recognizing the families that established and guided the community.

All in all, a family tree not only gives you a sense of pride and belonging by introducing you to your roots but also make your family & relations bond stronger.

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