Urbanization and family roots

Family structure, parenting style, the family relationship among brothers, sisters and cousins have changed dramatically. This change is causing the gap, the distance among family and relatives,  and loneliness in the urban society.  Cases of depression and suicide are increasing in countries like India, China, Malaysia, where the urban population has grown faster.

Few decades back, villages used to have few hundreds of homes, everyone was known to each other, everyone was sharing moments of joy and sorrow with each other’s family.  Elders had records of each family’s ancestry of at least five to seven generations.

Family Urbanization

Then came the urbanization. As per UN report (May 2018) 55% population is leaving in urban area, which is estimated to grow to 68% in 2050. World urban population has grown by 5 times from 1950 to 2018, this large migration has  caused a vast gap in family root and their new generations.  Information about family roots are diluted over time. A teenager, whose parents are 2nd generation of migrant in the city, has probably no information about his ancestry, he or she would know maximum 2-3 generations of his ancestry.

There are ways to reduce the chances of depression and loneliness; we should be connected to family roots and discuss our problem with family and relatives. Share family values, moments and albums in family, connect and meet them on family events and always remember the common roots.  Collect and save family gems, memories, albums and records, feel proud of family roots and stay blessed on myfamilygems.com.

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