Why do we need Family Tree?

Do we really care about our roots?
Family trees are in a way visual representations of where we come from and who we are. It gives us a sense of pride and belonging by introducing us to our roots . A tapestry always feel better than a single woven thread !
Its educational value is immense since by tracing our past we also get introduced to the common past of us all. We get to know how differently our ancestors lived than us and pick important lessons of life from there. When we can find role models from among our own ancestors, it just becomes an icing on the cake. We not only are more convinced of emulating such role models but even feel inspired to know that we inherit such genes. Getting to know our deceased ancestors is just another way of connecting to our past .

What reaserch says about family bonds?

Research has proved that such sense of connection and belonging leads to enhanced emotional health and resilience. Some research has also proved that those who know their ancestors have a higher sense of self esteem and better abilities to cope with stress. Even getting to know our ancestors who were not that good benefits us by suggesting the life course we should chart and how not to imbibe qualities of such ancestors! A sense of identity through time helps us know who we are in his vast world and unfathomable universe, and we surely feel less lost ! Family trees are also eye opening in the sense that it makes us more aware of how interconnected we are. It makes that much harder for us to be racist or narrow minded since we now know how closely linked all races are.

What it teaches us?
While family trees encourage us to nurture and preserve our distinctive culture ,it also softens our rigid stands on pronounced identities since we can trace back our past through migrations and resettlement, intermingling, interfaith or intercultural or inter community marriages, and so on. So we tend to become more empathetic towards each other while still feeling proud of our roots .
The joy of the eureka moment of discovering a third cousin in some corner of the globe gives way to the somber realization that how entire human race is interconnected and one. We are all cousins after all !

Why My Family Gems?
MyFamilyGems is network software that provides a platform for users to create their ancestry, inheritance and discover distant relatives; in addition to that, users can keep ancestors & family records, pictures, memories and exchange messages. Our tree making system works on male line; parents, grandparents, wife, siblings, uncle, aunty, cousins can be added. There will be network of trees by family marriages. Our family tree grows as new relatives are added and the clan grows larger and larger. We don’t know who will reunite with us, may be it is one of our friends, or our colleagues or our neighbours has same genes. MyFamilyGems.com doesn’t sale records and constantly researching and developing tool to assist in connecting relatives and clan.


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